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Chiropractic medicine after a car accident


Chiropractic medicine is helpful after a car accident

Chiropractic medicineChiropractic medicine will help with injury from car accidents. You may be injured and not even know it yet. When your car is forced to stop more suddenly than brakes would allow, your upper body is held in place by seatbelts, but your head and neck are not. A sudden deceleration of only two or three miles per hour can sometimes lead to whiplash, and it can happen as a result of an impact from any direction. As a result, there are over 300,000 whiplash injuries every year. Whiplash claims in personal injury lawsuits have long since become something of a running gag, but beneath that is a reality that this sort of injury is very common as a result of a car accident.

The damage done by whiplash does not always become apparent right away. It causes microscopic tears in the ligaments around the neck. These tears will not show up in an initial X-ray, but in time they will begin to swell, leading to headaches, difficulty moving the neck, blurred vision, dizziness and pain in the neck, shoulders, arms and lower back. Symptoms most often persist for six weeks or more, and in a quarter of cases last for six months.Although inflammation is a sign of the body trying to protect itself, it often slows the healing process by limiting the flow of blood to the affected area. Worse, healing ligaments may develop scars that permanently limit the normal range of movement.

How a chiropractor can help you

If you find yourself beginning to experience the symptoms of whiplash after a car accident, you should seek out a chiropractor as soon as possible. Chiropractic medicine can help relieve pain without the use of potentially addictive opioids, and can restore the full range of motion to the upper body, preventing the muscles from deteriorating. Chiropractic medicine also encourages the body to produce IL-6, which can play a major role in reducing inflammation. It can help prevent the formation of scar tissue in the muscles and ligaments and other long term complications of whiplash.Chiropractic medicine can eliminate the need for much costlier medical procedures down the road.

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