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Family Therapy - Lees Summit MO- Rejuvenate

Family counseling is available at Rejuvenate to those who seek to improve the core health of the family relationships. There can be all types of reasons that families struggle: continual conflict, poor parenting, abuse, neglect, poor communication, dysfunctional personalities, betrayal, oppositional behavior, divorce, medical problems, and so on.

The focus of this type of therapy is on the family itself, not specifically one person. Identification of core issues using a “Systems” approach is typically the preferred treatment. Our therapists are highly trained to help families get back on track and learn skills to reduce dysfunctional habit patterns. Families will be trained to improve several skill sets to include: healthy communication, conflict resolution, parenting strategies, understanding family roles, healthy coping skills, among others.

Unfortunately, our therapists prefer to NOT work with families who are currently in the following situations: pending custody hearing as a result of divorce, current sexual or physical abuse, pedophilia, drug or alcohol addiction.