Herniated And Bulging Disc Treatment in Lees Summit


It is important to try chiropractic treatment, first, before surgery. If you think you may have a disc problem such as a bulging disc, or a herniated disc, call Rejuvenate’s chiropractors today (816-761-3944) to set up your new patient examination, and we will work immediately to diagnose your problem and help you feel better!


Herniated Discs and Disc degeneration

Herniated discs can be a real problem. Disc problems are some of the most common issues facing the chiropractors at Rejuvenate in Lees Summit. Fortunately, our well-trained chiropractors know just what to do. But first, a little education as to what discs are and why you might have problems with them.

Discs are the cushions that reside between the bones (vertebrae) in your spine. Your discs have a tough, fibrous exterior, and a soft, gel-like interior. Directly behind the discs in the spine, are the spinal cord, and the spinal nerves, which exit out of the spinal cord on both sides of the spine.

When a disc bulges, it pushes outside of its normal space, most often towards the back of the disc. If the disc bulges enough, it can put pressure on the spinal nerves and cause pain in the back or neck (bulges can occur in either area), and anywhere that the affected nerves travel. Discs can bulge from injuries, poor posture, straining, and aging. Bulging discs are not always painful, but they often are.

Herniated discs occur when the tough exterior of the disc cracks, and the soft, inner gel, protrudes out. This problem is also known as a slipped disc, or a ruptured disc. Oftentimes, the soft gel will push out and compress, or pinch, the nerves in the spine. If the herniated disc is in the neck, and the nerves in the neck or upper back are pinched or irritated, there can be pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness in the arms and hands. If the herniated disc is in the lower back, then the pain, numbness, and tingling is typically in the buttocks, hips, down the legs (also known as sciatica), and can even affect the feet and toes.

Our Chiropractors Can Help Your Bulging or Herniated Discs

Whether you have a bulging disc, or a herniated disc, our chiropractors at Rejuvenate, know how to treat these injuries to get you out of pain, and then work with you to correct the issues that caused the disc to bulge or herniate in the first place. Most disc problems are treated with spinal decompression, and may also include adjustments, electrical muscle stimulation, stretches, and strengthening exercises for the core and neck/upper back, to stabilize the spine and prevent these disc problems from returning.