Rejuvenate’s Chiropractic Care Can Help Ease Neck Pain

Kansas City Neck Pain Relief

Our chiropractors know that neck pain is a pain! Do you have neck pain every day at work, while looking at your computer screen? Do you have trouble turning your neck side to side, or difficulty backing your car up because of your neck pain? Is your neck killing you when you wake up in the morning? You need help from our chiropractors!

Neck pain is a common condition treated at Rejuvenate, by our highly trained chiropractors. The neck is a susceptible area for injury; seven small vertebrae have the task of supporting the full weight of the head (10-15 pounds), day in and day out. Many of our everyday activities can cause pain in the neck, such as extended sitting, accidents, computer posture, repetitive movement, phone use, poor pillow support, and normal aging.

Neck Pain, Shoulder Tension, and Stress

Neck pain is oftentimes associated with tension in the neck, or the shoulders. Unfortunately, many people dismiss this problem as “stress.” Oftentimes, this pain is a sign of something more than you feeling stressed, and can easily be corrected through seeing our chiropractors and getting treatment. Left untreated, these issues can develop into more serious problems, such as arthritis, degenerative discs, or spinal stenosis, and can continue to worsen over time.

At Rejuvenate, our chiropractors are proactive in your care. We will determine the root cause of your neck pain, discuss treatment options with you, and work to eliminate the pain as soon as possible. This will restore your movement you may be lacking, and decrease the pain you are experiencing. We will be sure to instruct you how to prevent the problem from returning by showing you how to adopt healthier habits.

Neck pain can be alleviated by the chiropractors at Rejuvenate in Lees Summit, MO. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to relieve and treat your neck pain.

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