Services Available Here At Rejuvenate

Our Philosophy…

Chiropractic gravitates toward a holistic approach to healing. It combines the mind, body and spirit of the natural law of innate intelligence.

Our chiropractic care services are based on two fundamental concepts:

  1. The structure and condition of the body is imperative in the body’s ability to heal.
  2. The mind-body relationship is the cornerstone of our health, and in our ability to remain healthy.

Our philosophy also includes:

  • An emphasis on our patient’s ability to heal naturally.
  • Teaching that dynamics exist between lifestyle, environment and health in the healing process.
  • An emphasis on knowledge and understanding the cause of illness to eliminate it, rather than simply treat the symptoms.
  • Explaining and helping the patient recognize the role of the central nervous system and it’s relationship to the human body.
  • Focusing on early intervention in treatment of conditions that are physical, functional, and reversible.
  • Demonstrating the balancing benefits of chiropractic care on the body.
  • Blending open-mindedness and appreciation in establishing relationships with our patients so they can achieve their optimum health.