Tiffany Fellows, Psy.D

Tiffany Fellows, Psy.D is a Licensed Psychologist who received her doctorate degree from Forest Institute of Professional Psychology. Before attending Forest Institute she earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Pittsburg State University. During Dr. Fellow’s graduate studies she specialized in holistic approaches to pain management utilizing cognitive therapy in collaboration with other health care providers.

Dr. Fellows has specific interests in adolescent and women’s issues and is focused on treating individuals with depression and anxiety. She also has interests in working with individuals who experience chronic pain and have mental health symptoms associated with their pain.

Dr. Fellows’ mission is to provide exceptional treatment to her patients through her commitment to mind-body health. She views the patient to be a unique and whole individual and treats them as such.  She always strives to provide excellent care as well as encourage the patient to understand his/her role in their health and well-being.

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