Heart Centered Hypnotherapy – a key to loving the self. When you hear the word hypnosis or hypnotherapy, it may conjure up a vision of people on stage or on television quacking like ducks, squawking like chickens or acting in embarrassing ways. They appear to be in a trance, completely under the control of the…

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child therapy lees summit

Connect to your child Here are four ways to connect to your child. Connection is important in our parent/child relationships.  Kids who feel connected to their parent(s) are more likely to be cooperative. It is challenging in our busy lives to always make time for ideal moments for connection.  Some days we spend a significant…

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Relationship Insanity

relationship insanity

Stop The Insanity In 1998, my wife made a pact with herself after the breakup with her last boyfriend that she will never date the “same man” again. She joked after we were together for some time that she dated the same man with a different face since high school until she met me. This is no…

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Surviving an Affair

An affair can be devastating. Read about steps to start the healing process that help move a couple toward moving on, healing, and eventual happiness.