Rejuvenate in Lee’s Summit, Missouri is now offering Individual Speech and Language Therapy services for children birth through 18. Speech and Language Therapy is provided in our clinic and is one-on-one with a certified Speech-Language Pathologist in Kansas City, MO. Parents are encouraged to be a part of our Speech and Language Therapy sessions in order to best carry over the speech and language skills in the home environment. The Speech and Language Therapy sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes per session. The frequency of the Speech and Language Therapy services depend on the need of the child. Our goal is to provide children with Speech and Language Therapy services to improve their overall communication.

Our Lee’s Summit Speech & Language Pathologists Provide:

  • Sound-System Disorders: Articulation and Phonology
  • Expressive and Receptive Language Impairments
  • Fluency Disorders (i.e. Stuttering)
  • Voice Disorders
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Accent Reduction
  • Dyslexia
  • Reading Intervention
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech
  • Tongue Thrust
  • Language Literacy Disorders
  • Social Communication Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities (i.e. Reading, Writing and Spelling)
  • Selective Mutisim

What is Communication?

Communication is the process by which individuals send and receive “messages” through non-verbal, verbal, and written communication such as emotions, thoughts, ideas and news. Speech, Language and Hearing are considered the most important elements of communication. Good communication skills are important for a child to build and maintain social relationships and be successful in his or her home and school environment.

What is Language and a Language Impairment?

Language is a code or system to communicate and is “governed” by informal and formal rules. Language Impairment is one of the most common impairments in the United States. A Language Impairment may affect a child’s ability to comprehend and communicate verbal, non-verbal and written messages. A Language Impairment consists of three systems: Semantics (i.e. vocabulary), Syntax (i.e. grammar) and Pragmatics (i.e. social language).

What is Speech and a Sound-System Disorder?

Speech is the act of using the oral cavity and mechanisms to produce sounds in order to make word combinations. Speech includes Articulation, Voice and Fluency. The ability to understand speech can be affected by articulation errors and phonological pattern errors. A Sound-System Disorder can include articulation errors and/or phonological pattern errors. Articulation is the movement of the lips, palate, tongue, and jaw to shape air and vibrations to make sounds or words. It begins to develop at birth and is shaped throughout a child’s early years.

What is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Speech and Language Therapy?

Children can have trouble with speech, language or both. A Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) evaluates, diagnose and treats Speech, Language, Social Communication, Voice, Fluency, and Feeding and Swallowing Disorders. Speech and Language Therapy is essential to help children improve Speech and Language skills. A Speech-Language Pathologist has a master’s degree and is licensed to practice in the state they reside in. Speech and Language Therapy can significantly help children improve speech, receptive and expressive language, social communication, voice, fluency and feeding and swallowing disorders.

The Speech-Language Pathologist first evaluates the child to determine the child’s diagnosis. Next, the Speech-Language Pathologist will develop a Plan of Care in order to provide Speech and Language Therapy to the child. Speech and Language Examples of goal(s) that a child may work on in Speech and Language Therapy include:

  • Oral motor exercises to increase muscle strength in the oral cavity and mechanism (i.e. mouth, jaw, and neck)
  • Learn the tongue placement for speech sounds
  • Produce correct speech sounds
  • Answer “WH” questions
  • Identify and name vocabulary
  • State the function of vocabulary
  • Learn fluency strategies to decrease fluency (i.e. stuttering)
  • How to interact in a social situation
  • Learn how to reduce an accent
  • Learn how to follow multi-step directions

Does Your Child Need Speech Therapy in Kansas City?

Click on the link to determine if your child needs Speech and Language Therapy.

For additional resources, please visit the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA),

To schedule a Speech and Language evaluation at our Lee’s Summit clinic, please call the front desk at 816-761-3944.