Katy Roberts, M.S.

Katy Roberts is a Licensed Psychologist at Rejuvenate in Lees Summit, who received her Masters Degree from Avila University in Psychology.  She has worked as an outpatient psychotherapist for a local Community Mental Health Center serving adults, children, adolescents and families. Licensed since 1990 as a Psychologist, Katy has continued providing quality psychotherapy services to people of Lee’s Summit,Independence, and surrounding areas.

Katy has experience in helping people get relief from various forms of anxiety and depression. She enjoys working with adolescent and young adult women, supporting and sharing in their search to overcome challenges, become independent and full functioning.  Katy has special interest in working with couples to redefine their conflicts as attempted solutions that no longer work. She specializes in couples counseling to rebuild the foundation for new communications and find adjustments that will work toward a renewed relationship.

Katy Roberts strives to help others develop their own skills to better manage problems, repair damaged relationships, and seek what joy life has to offer.  Those skills are based in a strong foundation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She enjoys the challenge of applying the universal concepts of cognitive therapy tailored to meet an individual’s unique needs.

Katy’s experience in psychotherapy has led to an increasing appreciation for the importance of the mind-body connection to our well-being and happiness.  She is especially aware of the challenges faced when one has experienced a disconnect between mind and body. Katy is excited to be a part of a Wellness Center that strives to serve people in all realms, holistically.

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