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Chiropractic treats bulging dics in Lee’s Summit, MO


Chiropractic treats bulging discsChiropractic can help treat bulging or herniated discs

Chiropractic can help treat a variety of back and neck issues Lee’s Summit, MO residents may experience. With back pain and neck pain becoming more and more prevalent in adults and children, more people are turning to chiropractic treatment options to help combat these issues.

Bulging or herniated discs are a relatively well known problems people experience in their back. Some people may experience these issues frequently and eventually undergo a surgical procedure to treat the issue. But, chiropractic care may offer an alternative to going under the knife.

Herniated or bulging dics refer to two separate issues

The terms herniated and bulging discs may often be used interchangeably. But, they are two separate issues, though both can cause pain in patients who are afflicted. The disc, refers to the cushions between the bones in your back. These are tough on the outside but are usually softer and gel like in the middle.

People seeking chiropractic for a herniated disc, have experienced a crack in the exterior of the disc. The inside gel like substance may then start to protrude out. This can pinch the nerves as it protrudes out and can occur in both the neck and the back. Common signs on herniated discs are pain, numbing, and tingling in the arms and hands. If the problem is present in discs in the lower back, people may experience pain and numbness in the arms and legs.

Bulging discs, another common problem for people seeking chiropractic care, refer to the cushion extending beyond its normal space. While this isn’t always a painful injury, it can put pressure on the spinal nerves which may cause pain.

Chiropractic uses many treatment options

Before going under the knife to treat these issues, consider chiropractic treatment. The chiropractors at Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center will do a new patient exam and diagnose the problem. Then, we’ll work to treat it, without you having to endure a surgical procedure. Instead, we’ll use a treatment option like decompression, manipulations, massage, ice, heat, and more to help solve the problem. Afterward, we’ll work with you to teach you stretches and exercises that may help prevent the problem from occuring again.

Lee’s Summit chiropractic

Lee’s Summit, MO and Kansas City, MO area residents who experience back or neck pain, including bulging or herniated discs, should consider chiropractic before having surgery. We’ll work to determine the issue and its cause before determining the best treatment option for you. To learn more about our treatment options or to see if chiropractic can help your back and neck pain, be sure to contact Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center today. We look forward to helping you feel your best.