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Back pain treatment for Lee’s Summit and Kansas City, MO residents


Back painBack pain can be diagnosed and effectively treated with quality chiropractic care

Back pain can be an extremely debilitating condition that affects a great number of people on a global scale. Worldwide, it is the single leading cause of disability, while here in the U.S., it is the second most common reason people go to the doctor’s office. Those suffering from back pain suffer when trying to undertake any activity, up to and including the most simple process of sitting and standing. Even sleep is affected, as any movements at all while laid down will result in shooting pain, throbbing, or other such discomfort that can make falling asleep extraordinarily difficult.

Some back pain sufferers start off dealing with this problem by attempting to “self-medicate”, taking over the counter back pain pills, applying creams, and other like treatments. But for a great number of people, these measures don’t work, or if they do, more than likely it’s just a temporary ‘fix’. Clearly, there can be deeper, more underlying reasons for this back pain. It’s at this point that a thorough examination of the affected area should be performed, and a highly qualified and respected chiropractor can do just this.

Initial testing that can be performed

Two separate tests can be performed that can go a very long ways toward getting to the primary source of the back pain. X-rays can yield small hairline fractures, degenerative discs, arthritis, poor alignment, and any undue stress on the spine. MRIs can help in assessing whether bulging or herniated discs are at the heart of the problem. Once a diagnosis is able to be made, treatment on the affected area can then begin.

Treatments depend on the specific area and severity of the problem

Chiropractors often find that back pain is caused by misalignment of the vertebrae, which subsequently interrupts the proper functioning of the nervous system. The thought here is that the restoration of vertebrae to proper alignment will restore proper functioning of the nervous system. In essence then, the body heals itself. Treatments that the chiropractor may implement to help facilitate a fully functional nervous system can include one or more of the following, working in tandem with each other: spinal adjustment and alignment; electrical muscle stimulation that works on the nerves in the back; application of ice and/or heat; massages; a reasonable exercise regimen; soft tissue therapy; and decompression.

The multi-treatment approach of spinal adjustment and massage therapy has proven to be a very successful approach to treatment, and may be the first approach the chiropractor takes in many cases. Tense and tight muscles can pull vertebrae out of alignment. In this treatment, the chiropractor will make the all-important adjustment to the spine. This is followed by the stretching and easing of the tension in the back muscles, which will help keep the adjustment in place.

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