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Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten In 6 Easy Steps


Child Therapist, Amy Thompson from Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center, offers the following parenting suggestions for the first day of kindergarten.

Kindergarten can be a scary and exciting time for you and your child. As parents, we all know that time seems to slip away from you and your little baby is now all grown up, off to a new adventure…without you. We know that you are having anxiety about the big day. Managing your anxiety is important so you do not scare your little one.

preparing your child for kindergarten

  1. You can begin by preparing your child for the experience by talking about it ahead of time.
  2. It can be helpful to read books for starting school.  The MidContinent Public Library has a great resource list for books about starting school, making new friends, and riding a school bus. Read the story with your child several times. Talk about the feelings and thoughts of the characters in the story and have a discussion with your child about what they think will happen at school.
  3. If you have older children in your home, have them share their positive experiences with starting school.
  4. You can use a calendar to count down the days to the first day of school.
  5. If the school offers activities prior to the first day, take advantage of them. Meeting the teacher, touring the school, seeing a school bus and placing school supplies in the classroom can help ease any anxious feelings for children as they become familiar with this new experience.
  6. Consider finding a small item that your child may place in his or her pocket or backpack that will remind them of you. If your child feels overwhelmed or misses you, he or she can touch or look at the small item to remember your love and support.

Once the day arrives, celebrate by taking pictures and listening to any stories your child has to share. You will likely find that they had a great time and look forward to going back.

If your child is having emotional difficulties adjusting to school in the form of anxiety, separation anxiety, behavior problems, or sadness, call Amy Thompson at Rejuvenate in Lee’s Summit, Mo 816-761-3944. Find our more about Amy by clicking her picture below.