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Rejuvenate’s story began when 5 good friends and family members, who are health-care providers, recognized the critical connection between the mind-our thoughts and feelings, and the body, particularly how our emotions/thoughts can create and exacerbate pain, and vice-versa.


With that recognition, the wheels were set into motion to develop a unique practice featuring chiropractic, psychology, and massage, that focuses on leading our patients to physical, mental, and emotional freedom.


That practice came into fruition in November 2011, and we have rapidly grown from a small clinic with a few health-care providers to a large facility adding providers to work with different populations, so we can meet the needs of our patients.


We continue to push forward, adding new services, and developing new ways of collaboration, with the goal of serving our patients with excellent care and excellent customer service as we work with them to control their health.

At Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center, we know what pain (physical, emotional, and mental) can do to your life.


  •      •You no longer feel good about your life.
  •      •You feel out of control.
  •      •You limit your activity level for fear that the pain will return.
  •      •You develop bad habits to try to deal with your pain.
  •      •You want answers…


You have a home at Rejuvenate. We lead the way to physical, emotional, and mental freedom.


We understand the connection between mental and physical well-being. Our team of trained professionals takes a holistic approach — focusing on your emotional, mental, and physical state — to help center you, so you can feel more in control.


We believe in integrated health care, and coordinate with the various professionals both within our clinic and within the community. At Rejuvenate, we work with you, and together we will develop a therapeutic path that will lead you to the freedom you seek.


Leading the way to physical, emotional, and mental freedom.


Friendly handshakeWe care about the people we serve. It is our goal to help each person who walks through our doors. We want you to be a part of your care, and we will work with you so you can feel more in control and free from your pain.


Do your research, read our reviews, and come be a part of the experience. We will be waiting for your call.


Here is what customers have had to say about their service:

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