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What We Can Learn From Zombies


I love all things Halloween. I’ve been a horror movie fan since childhood. In the spirit of this great season I thought I would write about something we are all concerned about…zombies!

Metaphorically speaking zombies are everywhere. You can find zombies in just about any direction you look. Heck, you might even BE a zombie for all I know. Here’s some surefire ways you can tell if someone you know is a zombie. 1) They’ve recently hung around other people who “infected” them. 2) They have a complete inability to think for themselves – exclusively adopting a mob mentality. 3) They go after anyone who is not like them- constantly trying to make more zombies or destroy them in the process. 4) They are relentless – nothing stops them. 5) They work or live in packs of other zombies – all single minded – working together, but also not really caring about one another. 6) They cannot be reasoned with. All attempts to form relationships with them only end up in you gettin hurt. 7) They use you for what they want and move on to the next victim. 8) They are not interested in improving themselves. 9) You’ve seen them eating a lot of brains lately.

If this sounds like someone you know…run!! Don’t hesitate run away. If this is you there are ways to get free from the zombie curse, but it takes a lot of effort.

Like I said, zombies are everywhere. We see them in our political parties, packs of them at schools, at work, dysfunctional families, gangs, even in our church’s.

Just as much as there are ways to tell if others around you are zombies, there are also ways to be certain that you never turn into a zombie. Here are the secret antidotes to all of the zombie characteristics listed above. 1) You have to be sure to surround yourself with good people. Zombies infect you in a variety of ways. Make sure you stay around people who genuinely love and support you. Keep your distance from negative people who infect you with their judgements, their criticisms, and start to cause you to not feel uncomfortable being yourself. Be yourself ANYWAY!! 2) Think for yourself! Be aware of others who try to change your opinions, judge you as a bad person for having a different opinion, and expect you to think like them, or else! The best way to avoid becoming one of the undead is to think for yourself. Question, don’t settle, push forward, find, and question some more. 3) Don’t be judgemental to the point that you exclude others or want them to be like you. Variety is the spice of life and forming relationships with people is what keeps us all going. Having meaningful relationships are much more important than your opinions of others. 4) Take a hint. If someone is trying to set boundaries with you – they are doing it because it is what is best for them. Respect that. 5) We’ve all known people like this. Those who will say they are your friend or they care about you, but they talk badly about you, stab you in the back, and will cannibalize you if need be. Stay far away from these people. 6) Be reasonable. Know that when  you are dealing with other people in any capacity, it is best to be reasonable and understanding. 7) If you think you are being used…you probably are. Have enough self respect to move on from those who treat you poorly. Don’t stick around because you “think” they could be a better person. A zombie is a zombie. The only way a zombie will change is if they want to change. Nothing you can do will make them change. You can’t love “the zombie” out of them. 8) See  number 7 and know that zombies are not interested in improving theselves. They are who they are and proudly express this as if it were some badge of pride, when in reality, is very sad. Self improvement makes for a much more fulfilling life. Being dedicated to finding ways to improve your mentality will lead you to more awareness and enlightenment. Practicing this is the antidote to being a zombie. Last but not least, #9 – brain eating. If you see this happening turn around immediately, find the nearest exit, and run like you’ve got a bunch of zombies chasing you, because you probably do. Happy Halloween!!