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Umbilical cord stem cells treat pain in Lee’s Summit and Kansas City MO patients

Stem Cell Therapy

Umbilical cord stem cells - Lee's Summit, MO

Stem cell treatment can relive a variety of pain in patients

Umbilical cord stem cells can be used to relieve a variety of pain in Lee’s Summit and Kansas City MO patients. At Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center, we utilize stem cells taken from donated umbilical cords to give patients long term relief from a variety of pains. This treatment option can help relieve knee pain, elbow pain, back pain, neck pain, and even pain in the feet and more. If you’ve suffered from recurring pain, and can’t seem to shake it, consider stem cell treatment using umbilical cord stem cells at Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center.

These cells are taken from screened donors then injected into the problem area

Just like blood donations, the umbilical cord stem cells we use to treat patients’ pain are carefully screened to be sure they are free of diseases. But many people may wonder why we don’t just take cells from other areas of their body and inject those. There are a few reasons why using umbilical cord stem cells is a better option.

First, taking stem cells from your body can be painful and pricey. Removing these cells from an area in your body is an uncomfortable, and often painful experience for patients, by using umbilical cord stem cells, we can inject healthy cells without putting you through a painful procedure. Plus, it is a cheaper option for you as retrieving these can add significant cost to your treatment plan.

Second, though people think by using their own stem cells, they’ll have less of a chance of their body rejecting the cells. This isn’t true as umbilical cord stem cells are immunonaive and undifferentiated, meaning your body will not recognize these as foreign cells and try to reject them. They’ll work just as well as cells from your body.

Stem cell treatment for pain has little to no downtime and quick recovery

Though surgical treatments often require patients to spend a few days, if not weeks recovering, stem cell treatment does not. Following your treatment using umbilical cord stem cells to relieve your pain, you won’t need to spend time cooped up at home. In fact, most people can return to activities immediately after. However, it is often recommended that you avoid anti inflammatory medications like Ibuprofen and Aleve before and after your treatment. Be sure to ask the doctor if you aren’t sure if a medication you take qualifies. They’ll be able to answer any questions you have prior to the procedure.

Umbilical cord stem cells to relieve pain in Lee’s Summit and Kansas City, MO

Lee’s Summit, MO residents who are suffering from chronic pain in their joints may want to consider stem cell treatments for long term relief. Using umbilical cord stem cells, our doctor will inject healthy cells into the problem area. These cells will then multiply and take over, relieving you of your pain. TO learn more about this exciting treatment and to see if it may be a good option for you, be sure to contact Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center today.