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The Psychology Of Weight Loss

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The Use Of Psychology For Weight Loss

Psychology For Weight Loss- is that possible? What does my weight loss have to do with psychology? Well, everything, really! How often have you “tried” to lose weight, succeeded and then regained? How often have you gotten motivated, joined a gym, really worked at it, but then stopped? The “yo-yo” pattern of losing and gaining IS your psychology of motivation, giving yourself permission to do, or not do certain behaviors, the emotions that go with them, and the resulting effects.

Psychology For Weight LossWhen it comes to losing weight, many individuals know to focus on eating less and exercising more. But a major aspect of weight control involves understanding and managing thoughts and behaviors that can interfere with weight loss.

Psychologists are experts in helping people make behavioral and lifestyle changes that assist with weight management.

Rejuvenate’s Weight Loss Program Lees Summit

When you are in Rejuvenate’s Weight Loss Program at our Lees Summit office, you will meet with your psychologist to learn about your habits and attitudes about food, eating, weight loss and body image that may not support your health goals. Psychologists look at the unhealthy beliefs that keep the “story” of your struggle with weight going. Beliefs lead to emotion and behavior, which often sabotage weight loss efforts. Our plan often involves teaching self-monitoring behaviors, changing old beliefs, building new coping skills and making changes to home and work environments to support health goals.

We will teach you to rewrite your story into one of success, confidence, resiliency, and provide the strategies to guide you to a healthy lifestyle, and to end the cycle once and for all.