It’s the new year and you’ve got all your goals set, right? Are these the same goals that you will forget by March, if not sooner? You know, the ones you set last year – but this time you’re serious. So you suck at goals, so what? Doesn’t everybody? I mean everyone knows the gym is…

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weight loss

How many of you have the resolution to lose weight in 2016? This is undoubtedly something many of you are striving towards for this year. There are many reasons to embark on a weight loss journey: bettering your health, improving quality time with children or grandchildren, increasing your stamina, looking better for a vacation or…

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School Anxiety

Many children anticipate the new school year with excitement and joy as they enter the classroom for the first time or again after a long summer. Others, however, develop a fear of school and parents often struggle with ways to help their children overcome their anxiety about entering the school building. Below are five things…

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Inspirational Love

Team Hoyt are an inspirational father and son team who demonstrate what love really means.