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Stem cell therapy can help kick chronic knee pain

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy Lee’s Summit MOKnee pain can have a significant impact on your daily activities

Stem cell therapy is an exciting treatment option for Kansas City and Lee’s Summit, MO residents who struggle with chronic knee pain. Whether it’s stemming from an injury or just as a part of aging, chronic knee pain can make a big impact on your life, and not in a good way.

You use your knees to get from one place to the other, so they are used to supporting a lot of weight. So, when they become damaged, it’s not easy to deal with and ignore. Instead, you may find yourself dreading activities that require you to stand or walk long distances or skipping out on your favorite activities because your knees are bothering you. Consider stem cell therapy to find long term pain relief and take back your life.

Stem cell therapy at Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center uses umbilical cord cells

Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center offers stem cell therapy to relive chronic knee pain. Here, we use umbilical cord cells that are donated from healthy, lives births to treat our patients instead of pulling their own cells. Harvesting your own stem cells can be a costly and painful experience, that’s why we use these donated ones. Not only do they work to relieve your pain, they save you money and time.

You can also feel confident these cells are healthy and safe to use. Just like blood is screened when it’s donated, these stem cells are screened as well to make sure they are free from diseases or any other issues.

A doctor or nurse practitioner injects the cells, and they get right to work

When you have stem cell therapy, a doctor or nurse practitioner will inject the cells into the area of concern, in this case, your knee. From there, the cells will get to work. These cells are smart and will zoom right to the area of concern and get to work.

The healthy cells work diligently to repair or replace damaged cells and will start to multiply. This work is what makes stem cell therapy beneficial. After they’ve had enough to go through an entire cycle, you’ll notice relief from your knee pain and get a new lease on life.

Stem cell therapy in Kansas City and Lee’s Summit, Mo

Kansas City and Lee’s Summit, MO residents don’t have to live with chronic knee pain or go through invasive surgery. Instead, consider stem cell therapy. This treatment provides long term pain relief without putting your body through the trauma of surgery or relying on medications. Contact us to learn more about this treatment option.