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Stem cell therapy and injuries in Kansas City, MO

Stem Cell Therapy

Injuries can have a lifelong impact on you

Stem cell therapy is an exciting way to treat Kansas City, MO residents’ pain stemming from old injuries. You’ve probably heard people talk about how they tore up their knee in high school, or injured their arm many years ago after falling at home, or how they have a chronic injury that flares up occasionally. Or, maybe you’ve experienced these problems yourself. If you’ve ever injured yourself playing sports or in an accident, you know these injuries can often have a lifelong impact on you.

Many people experience chronic pain from their injury, especially if it’s one that is repeated. To ease their pain, some patients turn to expensive medications and invasive surgeries. These not only can be costly, they may not provide you the results you want. Plus, a surgery requires time to recover from, putting you out of commission for a week or more.

If you struggle with chronic pain, stem cell therapy can help. This treatment works to repair the damage done to your joints and ligaments, offering you long lasting results, and helping you attain a life free from chronic pain.

The stem cells go to where they are needed and get to work repairing the damage

At Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center, our stem cell therapy is administered by a physician and nurse practitioner. They will inject the stem cells into the area that is causing you pain. These cells will then zoom to the area and get to work repairing the damage.

We use umbilical cord cells in our stem cell therapy. These cells are smart and autoimmuniative. Meaning they know where they are needed and can become whatever type of cell they need. This helps prevent your body from seeing them as foreign, preventing a rejection of the new cells. The cells we use for stem cell therapy are donated from live, healthy births and are carefully screened to ensure they contain no diseases, just like donated blood is screened.

It will take months to see full results

Though many patients feel some relief after their treatment, it can take months for you to feel the full results of your stem cell therapy. The reason for this is that the cells need time to go through an entire cycle. This means it can take months before you feel the whole benefits of your treatment.

However, one benefit of stem cell therapy is that most people only require one treatment. Saving people time and money.

Stem cell therapy in Kansas City, MO

Kansas City, MO residents who struggle with chronic pain can find relief with stem cell therapy. Contact Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center to learn more about this treatment options and see if it’s right for you.