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Stem cell treatment for Kansas City and Lee’s Summit, MO residents

Stem Cell Therapy

You can find relief from a variety of chronic pain issues through stem cell treatment in Kansas City and Lee’s Summit MO


Stem cell treatment for Kansas City

Stem cell treatment for Kansas City and Less’s Summit, MO residents who suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain such as should issues, knee pain, elbow issues, and even pain from arthritis, can impact your daily life and make it hard to do everyday tasks. And, keeping track of medications can be exhausting, not to mention expensive for long term use. Plus, invasive surgery can take weeks to heal from, leaving you missing out on work and other commitments.

At Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center we use stem cell to provide patients with long term pain relief. Using umbilical stem cells from live, healthy births, we repair and replace damaged cells to give you lasting relief.

Umbilical cord cells are smart and present a low risk of rejection from your body

There are many reasons we use umbilical cord stem cells for treatment. First, they are undifferentiated and immunonaive. This means the body won’t see them as foreign cells which allows them to travel to various parts of the body. It also means they present a low risk of your body rejecting them.

Second, harvesting your own stem cell can be painful and expensive. Umbilical cord cells are donated from healthy, full term births and are carefully screened. If you were to take your own cells, you’d experience pain during the procedure. Not to mention, it can be expensive.

Stem Cell travel to where they need to go

When you have stem cell injections, administered by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner, the cells will get to work right away. They are able to recognize where they should go in the body. Once there, they get to work repairing damaged cells and relieving your pain.

It takes time to see results

Though stem cell is an excellent treatment option, it is important to know it does take time to see results. Though the cells get to work quickly, they still need time to repair the damage. A full cycle for cells to replicate and repair damage can take six to eight months. However, some patients have reported seeing some results within a few months.

Another great thing about stem cell is that most patients only need one injection to find relief. If you are one of the rare patients that will require additional injections, the doctor will discuss this with you beforehand.

Stem cell treatment for Kansas City

Kansas City, MO residents don’t need to suffer from chronic pain forever. Considering trying stem cell options to find long term pain relief. At Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center, our injections are administered by a medical doctor and nurse practitioner and typically one is all you need. Contact us to learn more about stem cell or to schedule a consultation.