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Sciatica nerve pain: The most common causes


SciaticaSciatica nerve pain can be helped by Lees Summit chiropractor

Sciatica is a very uncomfortable and painful experience.  It’s not a medical diagnosis or disease, but rather, it’s a symptom to a variety of underlying medical conditions.  In other words, it’s a symptom to a greater problem within the human body.

The sciatic nerve is the largest single nerve in the human body.  It’s made up of individual nerve roots that begin from the spine in the lower back and continue down each leg.  When this large nerve is irritated or pinched, the symptoms associated with sciatica occur.

Sciatica is often characterized by constant pain on only one side of your leg and lower hip.  The pain is often described by people as a burning or searing sensation.  As a result, people suffering from this condition often experience numbness and may have trouble moving the affected leg.  If you’re from Lee’s Summit and Kansas City, MO, and are experiencing problems associated with sciatica, then there is safe and affordable solution for you!

The most common causes of sciatica in the body

Before we discuss treatment options, let’s go over sciatica and its most common causes.  By doing so, you’ll develop a better understanding of what the cause of the problem may be.

Firstly, there’s a herniated disc.  A herniated disc occurs when the soft inner material of a spinal disc leaks from the outer core of the vertebra, resulting in the irritation or pinching of the connecting nerve root.

The next common cause we’ll talk about is disc degenerative disease.  This disease is associated with weakened discs in the spine.  As we get older, the discs in our back begin to weaken.  Because of this, there is a chance the proteins found inside these discs will start to become exposed, causing severe irritation to the nerve root.  A few degenerative discs in the lower back can irritate the nerve root in that area, causing sciatica.

The last common cause we’ll discuss is isthmic spondylolisthesis.  This spinal issue occurs when a small fracture in the spine allows for one vertebra to slip forward onto another.  This process can lead to the nerve root being pinched, causing sciatica symptoms.

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