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Neck pain can be caused by many things


Where neck pain can come from

There are many ways in which modern life can cause neck pains. If you wake up with neck pain, the problem is likely to be your sleeping position. If your pillow is too high or too hard, it will force your neck to stay flexed all night. If you sleep on your side, your neck may not be properly supported. The position least likely to cause trouble is on the back, with a feather pillow that is neither too high nor too low. (If you fall asleep in a seated position, such as on a plane or in a recliner, your head may drop to one side, leaving you with a very sharp pain in the morning. To avoid this, have a neck pillow handy.)

If you work at a desk and you find yourself suffering from neck pain at the end of your work day, the problem may be where your computer monitor is. It should be at your eye level. If you spend a lot of time texting, make sure you are not looking down too far at your phone. If you spend a lot of time talking over the phone, use a headset or other hands-free device.

There are other ways your lifestyle can cause you neck pain as well. Your neck might not be getting enough exercise, you might be carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder too often, or there might be something wrong with your posture. Even forgetting to stay hydrated can cause pain in the disks between the vertebrae.

Having neck pain treated through chiropractic care

The first thing any good chiropractor will do, when looking at your neck, is make sure that spinal manipulation would help rather than make things worse. If you suffer from vascular problems in your neck, some other treatment might be a better idea. Your chiropractor will also look at your posture and see if there is any way to improve it, and will see how well you can move your neck, shoulders and arms to determine the full extent of the problem. The chiropractor will gently work on the bones and disks of your neck to bring them into alignment and help the muscles stretch and flex to strengthen them.

Neck pain treatment for the Lees Summit and Kansas City area

If you live in western Missouri and suffer from neck pain, consider Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center, whose staff includes three chiropractors, Dr. Joe Symes, Dr. Travis Early and Dr. Jaynee Brown. They will help you determine the cause of your neck pain, discuss your treatment options and costs and improve your quality of life. Rejuvenate was ranked the top chiropractor in Lees Summit in 2015.