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Making Tough Decisions


I talk to people regularly about making authentic decisions, those decisions that are not fear based. This is a good article about trusting your “gut,” and recognizing the way that your body helps you to inherently know that you are making a good decision.

Don’t let fear run your life or make any decisions for you. Fear is based in anxiety and avoidance. When you make a decision out of fear – you get exactly what you have – nothing.

Step One: Get clear on the options

Step Two: Close your eyes… take three deep breaths

Step Three: Think about the first option.

Step Four: Notice how your body feels. Does it feel expansive or contracted?

Expansive feels like when you’re playing with a puppy or holding a baby. It feels open hearted and light. Contracted feels heavy, tight, limited, and darker. It feels like anxiety, depression, worry, or doubt.

Step Five: If you feel expansive when you focus on the first option, it’s a yes and if you feel contracted, it’s a no.

Step Six: Go through steps 3-5 for each option

Your body will tell you what is right for you. Your body is your wisest ally, and it will never steer you wrong.