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Lees Summit Chiropractor can help with sciatica


Lees Summit chiropractor helps with pain in the behind

Lees Summit Chiropractor(The following is a dramatization.)

Lees Summit Chiropractor know all about sciatica. Richard had never imagined going to a chiropractor. He could barely persuade himself to go to a regular doctor. Then one day at work, as he was getting up from his desk, he began to suffer from a pain that was beyond his power to shrug off.

It started as a pain in the behind. Literally. It felt like a red-hot hook embedded in his left buttock, twisting slowly but relentlessly. Richard, who did a lot of physical work and was not getting any younger, often found himself suffering from aches and pains without being able to remember exactly how he had come by them. He figured that this was just a particularly bad one. It was too severe for him to ignore, but it came and went, so it did not slow him down too much… at first.

Then it got worse, and started happening more and more often. Getting up from a chair, or walking for any distance, became a torture. Then it spread down through his thigh into his knee and calf, as if all the tendons on fire.

Sciatica and chiropractic medicine

When he could not take it anymore, Richard decided to see his doctor, who asked him to perform a straight leg raise. This meant lying flat on his back with his legs straight and having his doctor raise his leg. The pain was at its worst when his leg was at an angle of between 30 and 70 degrees to his torso.

The doctor diagnosed him with sciatica and referred him to a chiropractor in Lees Summit. The chiropractor explained that between the bones of the spine are discs, and whenthe fibrous exterior of a disc cracks and the gelatinous interior protrudes out, it is known as a herniated disc. A herniated disc pressing on a nerve root — specifically, one of the lumbar or sacral nerves — is the cause of nine out of ten cases of sciatica.The chiropractor was able to provide both immediate pain relief and, using spinal decompression, a long-term treatment of the disc.

Lees Summit Chiropractor here for your sciatica and herniated discs

The pain of sciatica takes many, many forms, all of them bad. If you live in western Missouri and suffer from a pain in the leg or hip area that might be caused by sciatica, consider Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center, whose staff includes three chiropractors, Dr. Joe Symes, Dr. Travis Early and Dr. Jaynee Brown. They will help you determineif the cause of your pain is sciatica or something else, discuss your treatment options and improve your quality of life. Rejuvenate was ranked the top chiropractor in Lees Summit in 2015.