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Fears In Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Do you start a weight loss program with excitement, only to give up a couple of weeks later?  Do you lose weight initially, yet fail to hit your goal?  Are you among the many that tend to gain and lose the same 20-30 pounds over and over again?  Nearly every patient I consult with on weight loss has experienced these situations, often times finding themselves in a vicious cycle. They may chalk unsuccessful weight loss efforts up to lack of self-discipline, life stressors, or hectic schedules; but, their struggles with weight loss may go deeper than that…fear may be holding them back.

Fear can be a very powerful tool in our lives, keeping us out of dangerous situations or preventing us from harming ourselves.  However, it can also severely limit us if we let it overpower our desires and goals. It may be easier to understand a fear of heights or enclosed spaces than a fear of losing weight, but it can be a legitimate obstacle just the same.

Fears Of Failure In Weight Loss

Many people have tried numerous ways to lose weight and gain health.  Losing weight only to gain it back can be extremely frustrating, and cause feelings of disappointment, humiliation, and pressure.  This can lead to apathy for those who don’t want to bother putting forth the effort if they won’t be committed to maintaining a healthy weight in the long-term.

Weight Loss

For those that have never tried to lose weight before, it can feel very overwhelming to even get started. It is common to have concerns about motivation, dedication, and self-discipline when setting out to try and lose weight through diet and exercise.

In some cases, other mental or emotional blocks may be at play.  People may use their weight as an excuse that ‘disqualifies’ them from attaining certain things in life, such as career advancement, forming intimate relationships, or engaging in physical activities. If people can justify their weight as a hindering factor, then they may feel a sense of relief from trying to achieve certain expectations.

While remaining overweight may seem less risky or scary, it can be a huge health hazard. Extra weight can contribute to a number of health issues, including diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. In addition, at least one-third of all cancers are linked to excess body weight, poor nutrition and/or physical inactivity.;

Fear of failure can be truly destructive in more ways than one.

Fears Of Success In Weight Loss

Many overweight individuals are fearful of how their lives may change along with their weight loss.  They may associate their identity with their weight and fear that making themselves more healthy may make them less relatable to their friends, cause insecurities for their partner, or change their everyday lifestyle too drastically.

People may also have a concern that if they achieve their goal, it sets the bar too high for the future, with new expectations and ideals to live up to. Excess weight can often serve as a sort of security blanket, helping people cope with various stressors in their lives. If that blanket is removed, it can leave them feeling vulnerable and insecure.

Fear Of Success Can Be Just As Scary As Fear Of Failure In Weight Loss

As I stated earlier, fear is a powerful tool. If fear may be an underlying issue preventing you from losing weight and living a healthier life, it is a fear you should consider and address. Acknowledging this fear is just as important as the weight loss itself, and it can help to ensure your success in losing weight and keeping it off for a lifetime. Instead of letting your fear limit you in life, let it be your fuel and motivation.

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