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Doctor supervised weight loss in Lee’s Summit and Kansas City, MO

Weight Loss

Doctor supervised weight lossDoctor supervised weight loss is the safest and most proven means to lose weight

Based on recent statistics, the United States is the most obese nation on earth, hardly something to be proud of. According to the National Weight Control Registry, approximately 108 million people in the U.S. are on a diet. To put that in a bit of perspective, the number of obese Americans dieting is only exceeded by the top 11 nations on earth in their total population. And of these American dieters, they each make roughly 4-5 diet attempts each year. Rather shocking and sobering numbers indeed.

Quite often, people that try similar diets over and over again without success try more extreme measures to find a diet and diet plan or program that will somehow in some way work for them. For some, this can include trying diets they’ve “heard of” that guarantee weight loss if their program is strictly adhered to. But dieters really have to exercise great caution when it comes to experimenting with something involving their most valuable commodity in their health.

There are a lot of unsafe, unapproved diets out there

There are a number of diets out in the marketplace that some really subscribe to. But upon closer examination, they have not been FDA approved; and in some cases like the HCG diet, the FDA has specifically warned consumers to stay away from weight loss products sold over the counter that contain HCG. In fact, companies that do sell OTC HCG weight loss products are violating the law, so this fact alone should be a testament to how unsafe the product is for human use.

HCG has not been proven to work for weight loss

If you live in the areas of Lee’s Summit and Kansas City, MO and have access to HCG, avoid it. On top of the fact that it’s not a proven weight loss drug, the diet severely limits caloric intake. With such limited calories, a number of risks and side effects are associated with such extreme plans. These can include, but are no means limited to irregular heartbeat, an imbalance of electrolytes, gallstone formation, irritability, fatigue, depression, restlessness, edema, swelling of the breasts in men and boys, as well as the risk of blood clots and blocking blood vessels.

Doctor supervised weight loss focusing on the body and the mind

For dieters that have tried all those DIY-type diet plans, the type advertised over and over again on TV, and keep failing, the best move they can make is to look for a doctor supervised weight loss program. One that incorporates a positive mental approach, a solid and encouraging support network, and a diet program that is healthy and proven successful. Such a weight loss program is proudly featured by Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center, and can be exactly the right fit for the dieter that wants to lose weight in an effective and healthy way.

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If you live in the Lee’s Summit and Kansas City, MO area and would like to learn much more about how our doctor supervised weight loss program, implemented without drugs or meal replacements, works and succeeds, give us a call. We can come up with a plan that will help you lose weight and feel great about doing it.

*Results May Vary: Causes for being overweight or obese vary from person to person.  Whether genetic or environmental, it should be noted that food intake, rates of metabolism and levels of exercise and physical exertion vary from person to person.  This means weight loss results will also vary from person to person.  No individual result should be seen as typical.  Most clients that adhere to the Lifetime Metabolic Program lose at least 20lbs.  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease