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Doctor supervised weight loss: How it’s different from fad diets

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Doctor supervised weight lossFad diets often don’t give you the support you need to be successful, and can be dangerous

Doctor supervised weight loss are an option for Lee’s Summit and Kansas City, MO residents who are struggling to lose weight on their own. Though there are seemingly endless diet and diet products on the market today, finding one that gives you results is difficult, if not impossible. Or, many people find they lose weight in the beginning, but are unable to maintain their weight loss on the program. Not to mention many fad diets can be dangerous to your health. That’s where doctor supervised weight loss, such as the program at Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center comes in.

A doctor supervised weight loss plan offers a personalized approach to weight loss

One of the biggest reasons these fad diets don’t work is that they don’t take you into account. Nobody is exactly the same as another. Everyone’s body works differently and one programs approved foods may not be the best foods for you. This can lead to frustration. Some diets are also very calorie restrictive or have you cut out certain kinds of food, this can leave people without certain nutrients they need and can be dangerous.

At Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center, our doctor supervised weight loss plan is different. First, we work to determine the cause of your weight gain by looking at health factors as well as mental health factors. After all, if these underlying causes are never addressed, they’ll continue to sabotage your results.

We also take you into consideration. As part of our doctor supervised weight loss, we provide genetic testing to determine what foods you should eat, and which ones you’ll probably want to avoid. This not only helps you lose weight now, but teaches you how to eat real food and make good food decisions throughout the rest of your life.

We also offer support in the form of a team of doctors that is dedicated to you. Losing weight on your own is hard, and we know the importance of having a good support system. Not only will get you get support in the forms of check ins and text messages, you can always reach out if you need a boost. Plus, you’ll also have a phycologist on your team as part of our doctor supervised weight loss who can help you navigate your weight loss journey.

Doctor supervised weight loss in Lee’s Summit and Kansas City, MO

Lee’s Summit and Kansas City, MO residents who are struggling to lose weight, should consider taking a different approach. Doctor supervised weight loss at Rejuvenate Mind-Body gives you a team to help you succeed, and the tools to help you maintain your results and lead a healthier life going forward. Contact us today to learn more about our doctor supervised weight loss program.