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Chiropractors provides pain relief in Lees Summit MO


Chiropractors in Lees SummitChiropractors in Lees Summit MO offer long term pain relief

Chiropractors, such as those at Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center in Kansas City, MO, provides long term pain relief. Pain stemming from back or neck issues, bulging or herniated discs, and more. When pain medications won’t do and surgery is more invasive than you want to get, a chiropractor can help. Offering a variety of treatment options, the chiropractic team at Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center works to not just relieve pain, but prevent it from coming back.

Finding the cause of your pain is an important first step

When you visit your chiropractor for the first time, they’ll work to determine what the issue is and what causes it. They’ll start by asking you questions about the pain you experience such as where exactly it is, what makes it worse or better, and when it started. They will also do some diagnostic tests that may involve you doing some movements. If necessary, your doctor may also do an x-ray so they can get a good look at your spine and skeletal system.

Before your go to your first appointment, it may help to prepare to answer their questions. Leading up to your chiropractor visit, keep a journal of your symptoms and what you were doing when they came on. Be sure to jot down and questions you think of before your appointment as well as it is common to forget some things when you first go to the doctor.

Once the cause is determined, a treatment plan will be put in place

Once your chiropractor has determined the cause of your pain, they can get started creating your treatment plan. They’ll discuss their plan with you before they get started. They’ll discuss what they are doing to relieve your pain, how many treatments you’ll need, and give you tool to keep the pain from coming back.

Common chiropractor treatments are adjustments of the skeletal system, ice, heat, massage, and more. Decompression is also used by the physicians at Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center and involves a custom program that is made for you. Stretches and strengthening exercises can also be used. If something like poor posture and lifting techniques cause your pain, they’ll also address that.

Lastly, they’ll teach you things to do on your own to keep the pain from coming back. Prevention is important so the chiropractor team will give you the tools you need to have long term relief from your pain.

Lee’s Summit Chiropractors

Kansas City, MO area residents don’t have to live with chronic pain. A chiropractor provides long term pain relief and helps prevent it from coming back. Contact Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center to learn more about our chiropractor treatments or to schedule your first appointment.