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Chiropractic medicine- a case for chronic pain


Chiropractic medicine and its need

Chiropractic medicine(The following is a dramatization.)

Chiropractic medicine was nothing Laurie had never thought of herself researching. She worked from home in Kansas City while taking care of a baby, and this kept her busy while not giving her enough money to afford more than primary care. When her son was at daycare, she worked. When he was home, she looked after him. When he was asleep, she tried to relax. Unfortunately, the growing pains in her neck and shoulders were making that a little harder every day.

Laurie tried to deal with the pain using mentholated rub, but that only made the pain go away for brief periods of time, and after a while failed to do even that much. It became a constant distraction when she was driving, fixing dinner or trying to find a comfortable position to sleep. She finally reached the point where she decided that she needed to get her neck looked at.

Talking with an expert

She talked with her doctor at her next checkup. He recommended she try chiropractic medicine in Lees Summit, MO before resorting to drugs or surgery.

As Laurie discussed her lifestyle with the chiropractor, she began to realize how much she was doing to cause herself unnecessary pain. She was spending a lot of time with her laptop in her lap. This forced her shoulders and neck into an uncomfortable position, especially since she was a tall woman — under six feet, but not much. When she carried her infant son around, she always carried him on the same hip. She also tended to favor one arm over the other while carrying groceries. As a result, the muscles on half her body were slightly stronger than the other half, which was putting a certain amount of strain on her whole spine. A personalized exercise program would be needed to correct this.

Of course, changing her habits was not going to have an immediate effect on the pain she was suffering. But the good news was that there was no need for her to go through anything dangerous or expensive. Regular sessions of chiropractic medicine were enough to alleviate the pain she was experiencing until changes in her lifestyle could cure it.

Chiropractic medicine for chronic neck pain in Lees Summit

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