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Back pain management can be handled by your Kansas City chiropractor


Back pain managementBack pain management is real

Back pain management can be a challenge if you don’t know where to go. Back pain can be caused by several things, such as hairline fractures in the spine, bulging or herniated discs, arthritis or simply a misaligned spine. Many people often try to manage their back pain on their own by taking over the counter medication, but for most, that is just a temporary fix.

Back pain most common pain in America

One half of working Americans deal with pain in their neck or back, which results in the most common reason to visit the doctor’s office. On top of that, back pain is one of the leading causes for Americans to miss work. For many hard working citizens, missing a day of work is simply not an option. Back pain doesn’t just affect the people in the labor force, such as construction workers or carpenters among several other hands on professions, but can hinder those who sit at a desk and stare at a computer for hours.

Along with the physical demands we put on our body, just the act of hunching over at a computer can put a severe strain on your neck and back. Continued poor posture can create negative consequences, especially if you have having a difficult time doing simple tasks such as sitting or standing. Visiting a chiropractor can be your next step to better back pain management.

Kansas City chiropractor to help with back pain management

Chiropractors at Rejuvenate take pride in giving you the most effective treatment to relieve your back pain. They work with you to not only soothe your pain riddled areas as quickly as possible, but most importantly, work to make sure that it does not return and that you are able to remain pain free and enjoy your life to the fullest. They can use a number of proven methods to treat your back pain including electrical muscle stimulation, massage tables, exercises, stretches and many more proven methods to help you better manage your back pain.

Also on staff, are highly trained and educated massage therapists who understand the importance of relieving the tension and methodically working the areas causing you pain. This, accompanied with the chiropractic treatment, has been known to reduce anxiety levels, restore a calming sense of physical wellbeing and most importantly; vanquish that nagging back pain.

If you live in the Lee’s Summit or Kansas City area of Missouri and are experiencing the frustration of debilitating back pain, Rejuvenate Mind-Body and Wellness Center has dedicated and passionate professionals that want to help you on the path to better back pain management. Founded in 2011 by five good friends and family members, Rejuvenate has made it their mission to help clients gain physical, mental and emotional freedom.

So don’t go another day hesitating to play with your children or grandchildren or another night of restless, irritating sleep and especially don’t miss another day of work. Help yourself by scheduling an appointment with Rejuvenate Mind-Body and Wellness Center.