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Back pain can be caused by bulging disks


Back pain and bulging disks

The things that cause bulging disks come in two categories — things that put strain on the back, and things that weaken the disks.

The most obvious cause of damage to disks is severe trauma. Sports injuries and car accidents are both causes of damage to the spinal disks. If a heavy weight is lifted in a way that leads to too much weight being supported by the spine rather than the leg muscles that can damage a disk. Over time, repetitive motion and poor posture can have a similar effect.

One of the things that weaken disks is age. As we grow older, the disks lose their water content and become flatter and less flexible. They also become more vulnerable to either damage from a strain or accident, or simple wear and tear. Cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption can also weaken the disks. There are also genetic conditions that can lead to weakened disks, so if you have had this occur in your family you may be vulnerable.

The effect of back pain from bulging disks

Back pain from a bulging disk starts at the back, but does not stay there. It travels along the nerves that connect to that part of the back. This makes everything you do just a little bit harder — or sometimes a lot harder. The things you need to do become far more painful, and many of the things you want to do lose their enjoyability. Even walking on a hard floor becomes difficult.

Chiropractic medicine can provide temporary relief from the symptoms of a bulging disk by stretching the spine slightly to relieve pressure. A chiropractor can also help you find the perfect position to lie in so that the weight of your own body will pull your spine into the right position. In addition, a good chiropractor will help you look at your lifestyle, identifying the cause of your back pain and developing a treatment plan that will cure it entirely.

Back pain treatment for the Lees Summit and Kansas City area

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